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Perfect Blue Shares ‘Gotta Light?’. “Freed, for a moment, at a time.”

‘Gotta Light?’ is the second single of PERFECT BLUE’s self-titled debut EP (available now). And when you listen to it, you’re in effect – by proxy – freed from the vibes that bound you for so long.

There’s noise in this world – cluttering your brain and cluttering your heart. There are sources of none-sense that makes you forget. You forget what it’s like to just ‘live’. Living is hard to do for many. There are overarching stresses and challenges that weight and crush you to your ultimate ending. It happens ever so slowly, chip by chip, crack by crack.

But there are some salvations that just lift you up, without even knowing that happens.

‘Gotta Light?’ is a contradiction of a song. And when its darkened, emo-garage vibe kicks in to gear, you’re expecting a ‘darkend’ ride through that tunnel. But here’s the thing. YOU DO, but it’s not darker than you though. In that sense, it give you that hope, that freeing positivity. That new joy to live like you should.

In that moment.

In this moment.


Listen to the Chicago 6 piece band, with the oddly attractive vibes that can set your notions on fire.

If you want, of course.


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