Perfect Blue ‘Guilty’ : Visceral energy and the delivery.

Perfect Blue

‘Guilty’ was part of the influx of creativity that occurred within Perfect Blue when the band joined up with vocalist Trish Zulueta. The visceral energy of her lyrics and the delivery that she crafted really brought out the intensity. Trish’s growl is to die for. And as the formation of the song and band, gel with passion and grip, the solution for audible ecstasy can be acclaimed.

From traditional rock and contemporary machines, the band stretches from this corner to that, in the hopes of making something that sticks with their audience. The captivating vocals – of oddity, but of certain beauty – continues to cast a world of hurt, and packages it into something soluble – malleable – and digestible to our musical appetites.

Perfect Blue is a six-piece band from Chicago, IL. The band was formed out of a desire to see something a little different in the Chicago music scene. Armed with synthesizers, vintage drum machines, dozens of guitar pedals, and saxophones.


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