Period Bomb ‘Quarantine’ : Some say, in the dead of night, you can hear the silent weeping from the corner of the attic.

Period Bomb

Is this how we devolve in to bored animals??

Period Bomb’s ‘Quarantine’ depicts a special specimen, kept to formidable devices, isolated and safe in a home that we love. In the months ahead scientists found out that the mind of the specimen deteriorated and called out for human contact or acknowledgement. Some say, in the dead of night, you can hear the silent weeping, of a soul crumbling inch by inch, from the corner of the west side attic.


Quarantine will be lifted soon. Whether the second wave comes, we’ll find out soon.


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We are Period Bomb. We’re 3/5’s Hispanic, 3/5’s non-binary & you can always count on us to tell you the things no one else wants to, as well as try n bail you out for doing the same. Here they are for today: 1- 4th or July is cancelled & we should all be celebrating Juneteenth tomorrow instead bc we don’t know freedom until we’re all free. Plz join us tom (411 above) 2- Slavery is still alive n well in the world’s largest prison system: America’s. You’re FIVE times more likely to go to jail here if your black. Half as likely to get a job here if you have an “exotic” sounding name. You can guess which 3 of us have been prosecuted… And here’s what for: -Finding a roach in the car while being pulled over for going 10 over the speed limit. -Drawing a spooky picture -Taking an empty perfume bottle I was given permission to take for an art proj from @sephora . I actually made my 1st film while serving 3 months for that. I hope to find it when I go home & work it in to a new series we want to film where we talk to protesters who are rn behind bars. *Call for ppl w/ nice cameras who might want to help film!!* Incidentally whenever we have asked the cops for help finding rapists we’ve never so much as gotten a call back. We’ve always had to fend for ourselves & have slowly but surely gotten bigger & stronger as an army! So let’s go pigs!!! I mean look at these stats… You CANNOT be dumb enough to be think it’s an honorable occupation. 3- GIVING $ to institutions that seem legit bc evveryone else is giving money to them is NOT COOL!!! Give it instead to your poorest friend of color bc chances are, like us, they have friends in jail RN for fighting for basic human rights bc we literally have NOTHING to lose, begging us for help everyday. This is why we want to put our next $50 into starting our hotline backup.. bc I’m sure we have even more friends in jail rn who just can’t reach us 😩After we bail out anyone else who still needs bailing, if there’s any left we’ll give it to @blackcrfund bc I’ve gotten good references and they seem to be bailing out a lot of ppl in need too. Mostly artists bc u KNOW us artists reaaaly have NOTHING to lose especially rn.

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