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Perlo Shares “Call Me a Fool’. When You Fall In Love, It’s In A Flash.

There are no excuses sometimes to justify defeating yourself, lying to yourself. Sometimes we do this, when the answer is right in front of you. Opening up to the possibilities do free yourself from the poignant (and many times practical) angst deep within.

But it’s there. Just sitting there. In front.

When you fall in love, it’s in a flash. We’re talking about really falling madly in love.

It’s quick.

It’s prominent.

It’s a sledge hammer hit to your guts.

However, we miss it. We miss the signs. We miss the billboards on that highway. And this isn’t because we’re so blind, but because ‘life’ gets in the way. As we travel down that path of building and constructing that ‘life’, it’s hard to realize the goodness.

She’s there. Sitting. Patiently. For you.

Don’t resist.

Sometimes, just go for it.

PARLO is Marie “Mree” Hsiao and Henri Bardot and they try to tell stories and sonic images about emotions surrounding the hopes and fears of being humans in this lifetime.

The Portland, OR based duo paints the colors of what we listeners, sometimes can’t express.

It’s a good thing.

And yes. We at CHF, do get mushy-gushy / lovy-dovy, from time to time, if you haven’t noticed. LOL.



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