Personality Cult Announce Debut Self-Titled EP And Share First Single ‘Decay’.

‘Decay’ takes you to a more innocent time. The sullen private thoughts in the room. The sudden stop at the corner of the street, with the memory of her. The breathless view from the sun drenched beach. The sun-tan marks she didn’t want to admit to. Her smile melted your heart. You loved her, in the way the Universe repeated.

Personality Cult is the new project by artist and songwriter James Clifford.

Depeche Mode, New Order, and The Cure is what’s what – with this style of music from Personality Cult. And it’s the meaning of what music should be doing: evoking emotions of memories and un-intended circumstances.

The drive to impress isn’t the fashion of All things. The detrimental lack of ups and downs, is the focus and strength of such magnificent under-statement. The under-statement parks at your feet, and claws at the tails of that tuxedo from that by gone velvety era in your brain.

And it’s a good thing.

The pangs of neglect and sinister self attitudes in personal neglect – like a building in downtown of a city, in that country, in that state (of mind).


Personality Cult will be releasing its self-titled debut EP on June 1.

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