Pet Envy ‘Heavy’ : The edges of a harsh world seem to melt into manageability.

Pet Envy

Nashville’s Pet Envy, consisting of duo Shelbi Albert and Jake Diggity, reckons you’d be inclined to feel. And you do. Because they know we’re all human. We’re fragile. We desire. We want to be loved.

Said Jake: “The idea for the song didn’t come from an obvious place like love, or a love lost. When writing the lyrics I was in a common place wrongfully comparing myself to others and their success. People I knew from high school, people I grew up with, all of which looked so happy and successful.”

“I used the myth/story of King Midas and the Golden Touch as a reference because it was similar to the idea of me wanting something more but not appreciating what I already had. My favorite way to approach writing lyrics is to keep them open-ended. I like to give the listener a chance for their own interpretation, but this is what I felt while writing the song. I was also watching a lot of the tv show Madmen at the time.”

Warmth and delight comes off of the production of ‘Heavy’. With expounding grace of Shelbi’s vocals, the edges of a harsh world seem to melt into manageability.

And that’s just enough to get us through another day, ain’t it?


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