Peter Fenn ‘Haven’t Been There For You’ : A promise and a warning. Your life is ‘lucky’ already in a bigger way than you’d ever dreamt.

Peter Fenn

“From now on, I’ll always be there for you.”

It’s something we promise. It’s a statement that we all have uttered, once in our lives. To cement the vibe of a dedicated relationship, we sip at the nectar of life’s good fortune, to commemorate the goodwill feelings from another, mutual.

But life gets in the way. Stresses mount. We forget what ‘goodness’ really was. Everything gets a bit fuzzy and our care for what’s already clear, becomes unabashedly muddled in confusion.

With powerful vocals and heart warming production, he opens up about taking things for granted and apologizing for his past mistakes while vowing to be there forever. In this reflective ballad, he challenges himself to be the best version of himself while thanking his partner for everything they do.

‘Haven’t Been There for You’ is both a promise and a warning to all who listen. Your life is ‘lucky’ already in a bigger way than you’d ever dreamt.

Don’t forget to open your heart. Don’t forget to open your eyes.


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