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Lindsey Kennedy

Peter Ibbetson – Control Yourself

Peter Ibbetson has performed with artists such as George Fitzgerald, Rosie Lowe, Dave Okumu, and Nostalgia 77. Electronica, House, Techno, Post Rock and Ambient seep seamlessly through his electronic endeavors, crossing tantalizing climates of experimentation and sustained sonic pop. ‘Control Yourself’ is the title track off of his 2nd EP. Peter elaborated: “’Control Yourself’ is a reaction to the idea of restricting yourself in creating music, forcing yourself to break away from your creative habits, and open your ears and head to new possibilities.”

Don.a.a.ron – NO ONE ELSE (BUT YOU)

Off of the ‘F A C T S’ album, don.a.a.ron supplies a steady triumph of sounds and vibes with ‘No One Else (But You)’. Decadent synthwave/vapor stabilities, mixed in r&b/pop injections makes this single something to look deep into. Influenced by the sounds of Prince, Alexander O’Neal, The S.O.S Band, YMO and Roxy Music, the prevalent insurgence of moods are shaded with primary colors in flight. Lovely imagination in love and affection. Check out ‘F A C T S’ and it’ll win you over.

Mads Kinnerup – Acid Song

The kindred spirits between sight and sound, blurs in the hands of MADS KINNERUP’s imaginitive experiments. ‘Acid Song’ is a delicious pronouncement of mad subtle bass, electronic lovers, and crafted excellence. The molding of complexity is simmered down to the basic facts and figures with Mads’ rightly deviating focus for the normal. Mads added: “This simple yet complex tool from before the dawn of the microchip, made it possible for Kinnerup to work undisturbed from computer screens, software bugs and SoMe notifications…sequencer based, repeating, melodic loops which explore different otherworldly and synthetic techniques and sounds.” Can you visit another world without leaving your own? Mads proved that hypothesis, here and now. Get swept.

Cliff Martinez – Starlight Cantina

‘Too Old To Die Young’ is a 10 episode original series from Amazon Prime Video, which is to drop worldwide June 14th. The record will drop on June 14th, which will include CLIFF MARTINEZ’ single ‘Starlight Cantina’. The soundtrack is to be included along with the best of Cliff Martinez’s score and a selection used in the film. With alien rhythms and pace, ‘Starlight Cantina’ brings you back to a nascent decadence where horror of nuance, bloom along self realization. The song is haunting, but in full delight. Psychedelic turbulence of Universal proportions is represented in this single.

Sky Civilian – Let’s Be Easy

Maggie Thornton is the heart behind SKY CIVILIAN. And every time we listen to her offerings, we get hit with amazement and surprise. Being ‘unexpected’ is all what Maggie displays with zero apologies. The talent oozes out of the French horn player, and student of the craft, makes her mark again with ‘Let’s Be Easy’ and its masterful arrangement. Her expected debut EP is set to release and we can’t wait. Vocally Maggie is charged and delivers with all of the poignancy needed to carry out her focus per each song. Her dexterity with her instruments and sound direction is superb to high-heaven. Get ready for SKY CIVILIAN.


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