Peter Johnston RVA ‘I Heard You Call Out’ : Glows with honesty and sincerity.

Peter Johnston RVA

It’s almost spring, and love is in the air. This is a new track from Peter JohnstonRVA, and in ‘I Heard You Call Out’ is about love, you silly. And when love is pure and simple and just there for even more caressing, your appreciation only grows.

Jangle-type guitar, with post punk strums, the balladic vision of this single is lovely to any extent. With supple and expressive warmth of Peter’s vocals, the song glows with honesty and sincerity.

Lovely, indeed.

Peter JohnstonRVA began simply enough as a few home recordings but has slowly turned into a full on indie rock project that explores matters of human dignity and common good in society.

His latest LP ‘Be Not Afraid’ is out now.


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