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Peter Oren – Falling Water

Peter Oren’s Falling Water comes at us with a deep vocal slap in the face, and feelings that drench our skin with soul folk perspiration. Drip, drip. It calls us. Beckens.

Oren is Indiana born singer songwriter with a very unique voice, deep like a cold and wide lake. The lake water is dark, precocious, and enveloping; it’s a velvet cloth that is soothing to the mind’s touch.

It’s not only the vocals, it’s the words and execution.

And the combination of all his angles make it so, and do we ever like his presentation.


He puts it as:
“It rumbles in your conscience, a righteous sound that marks him as an artist for our tumultuous times, when sanity seems absent from popular discussions.”

Oren’s PR on the album states:
“On Anthropocene they provide stately backing for Oren’s songs, with drips of pedal steel and quivers of strings subtly reinforcing his observations about the state of the world.”

His efforts in dipping his toes into subjects close to being, is an admirable sight, and we dig that. Other things that we dig is his line of songs (including Falling Water) that just drifts us back into the woods of the mid-west and shows us what we can be missing.

Let’s go to that lake with him.

You should take a dip in the deep dark lake, Oren has devised for you, too.



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