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Petra Glynt Shares ‘New Growth’. “The beautifully crafted words, immensely cultivate and nurture.”

Alexandra Mackenzie’s project alter ego, PETRA GLYNT, is a goddess of sorts. A project of Alexandra’s particular demands, the detailed aesthetics are mashed in between the gnostic center of a candied apple treat, and the maliciously succulent vestiges of the consumption oriented hedonistic ruffles of an over arching tribunal of the self.

PETRA GLYNT is a goddess of sorts.

The asterisk minded glimmer, is always apparent with Alexandra’s works. At her top shelf form, the nuances are colored and illustrated as finely as she does her own artistic drawings. And from each line of verse, in comparison to her visions of life, she nitpicks at the scabs, uncovering pink and new skin that is both sensitive but full of new promises.

Chaos is the name of the game, and the beautifully crafted words, immensely cultivate and nurture, the finely astute relevance towards a world of harassments and un-patriotic roasting of a different enemy. A convergence of thought and self-righteous instability, comes up to the surface, basking in the temporary fawning of like minded cheerleaders, but utterly based on lies and hidden bigotry.

The drumming gets louder as the opposite sex gains just a smaller space for decency and dignity, all in the name of gaining normalcy and respect.

‘New Growth’ is Petra’s supposition to a resistance to new changes, in the minds of an old guard. An inch of deserved equality, deems a poignant and real threat to the ‘manliness’ of it all.

#MeToo movement, in Petra’s eyes, is real. And she deems the world to just get used to it.

Petra’s a visual and sonic artist, with excellence in both fields, utilized for education, and lifting of awareness. The gains of the past 50 years, doesn’t stay the same. The norm is that the forces that want this ‘evolution’ of societal acceptance and changing of the zeitgeist, is a perpetual exercise in maintenance. In Petra’s eyes, it’s still an uphill fight.

PETRA GLYNT is a goddess of sorts.

You better believe it.



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