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PETRIE Returns With ‘Self-Destruct’. Pop You Can Dig.

The electro pop duo from London released their second EP ‘Self-Destruct’ and guess what? Now they release the title song too. Whoa.

‘Self-Destruct’, the single is about you, the girl, the weekend, the fun, the tragic instances, the dull pain of returning to the norm. Well, at least to us anyways.

The vibration is a slight retro feel that is reminiscent of the classic boy bands – but better. The guys know how to arrange and make some tasty treats for us to keep in our mouths, savoring the melting caramel goodness.



Some guitar.

Nice. As always.

“This EP attempts to purge the darkness, irony and mystique of our Slurs EP; the obsession with ‘vibe’, ‘groove’ and whatever, replacing it with honest, colourful lyrics and sonic backdrops that tumble out without fanfare. Melancholic and manic, ecstatic and unashamedly neurotic, it represents a difficult year of roadblocks and rebirth – The old Petrie self-destructed for endless tiresome reasons and now we’re building a new, more personal world of tantalising heartbreak, wonderful myths of summer and a bounty of ice cream van lemon ice.” – Laurie & George.

And they are excited, because they’re ready to headline their first show in London on September 20th, at The Waiting Room.

Go, go!



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