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Petrol Hoers Shares ‘Horse Problems’. “Industrial. Poetic…What da hell is dis?! Fabe dat is…”

Out of the humorously vague trope of PETROL HOERS, lie a very serious talent. ‘Horse Problems’ is a song that is riddled with contrasts, misconceptions, none-sense. But on the same side of the coin, is a molecularly salient, solid, and extraordinary collection of impressive acumen.

PETROL HOERS stated: “I hope you enjoy my [albom]…please pretend you did not hear the buckfast pun I would like to use that in another song…”

Doesn’t even make sense.

But it does…

You get it??

The character that is PETROL HOERS is a project that, in our CHF eyes, deserve the respect that lot of trolls wouldn’t realize they should give.

It’s industrial. It’s metal, It’s poetic (to a degree). It’s majestic.

It’s like a three headed dragon came to a party, and hitting on a 2 headed girl dragon, but getting rejected by a ‘normy’ one headed dragon.

But we digress.

In all seriousness, PETROL HOERS is a skillful demonstration by the artist, and should be seen as such.

He’ll win you over.

See PETROL HOERS next @ The Fulford Arms in York, August 31st.



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