Petrol Taste ‘ Lucky Fire’ : Enveloped in the soft warmth of alt-pop aggression… in the dark and the gray.

Utterly wanting of evergreen envy, the duo delivers with fabulous grace.

Petrol Taste

Romy Allaire and Alex Khoury are the essential ingredients that make up the vibes of Petrol Taste. Their music and musical philosophies exceed themselves in ‘Lucky Fire’ as the tantric magnificence gather for a bonfire of filled glimpses and majestic dreams.

The duo’s works is one of those things that just clicks, as we’d sometimes feel it sort of defines what the Montreal music scene offers at times. Raw, unpredictable, unconventional, maverick – a sorting existence of notes and rampart hidden visions, culminate with absolution. The delightful impeachment of the norm, rattles the side of this colorful bus ride, and you just don’t want to get off.

Said Romy and Alex: “‘Lucky Fire’ is a song we wrote about how hard it is to keep up our appearances in a world that sets an unreachable standard of perfection. It’s about letting go and embracing the natural flow of existence.”

Off of their latest 4 track EP, ‘Us and the New Moons’ (available now), they can take you on a trek with MUSE-like lyrics, enveloped in the soft warmth of alt-pop aggression, which comes both in the dark and the gray. The artful significance from the sonic painters, is beautiful to grasp then let go as you do with the sands of time.

Fleeting, but utterly wanting of evergreen envy, the duo delivers with fabulous grace.



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