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Peyton Gilliland // KIDDO and Gashi // DENNY // Bronze Whale // Sirenety

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Peyton Gilliland – Ruthless

With a mature and throwback presentation, 15 year old PEYTON GILLILAND comes with a vision of relationships and self-worth in ‘Ruthless’. The anthemic rouse of country framed aesthetics, including acoustic and traditional lyrical mark ups, ‘Ruthless’ temps the heart to reach higher than ever before. The suggestions of lives lived, and will be lived, comes together in a package of solvency and decadence through Peyton’s vocal expressions. Her road to stardom has just begun in earnest, and has the shine that is required to be where she’d like to end up. She keeps on honing her music with all of her fans and future fans through YouTube and others. A vigorous vision and example of nu-country pop stars to come.

KIDDO and Gashi – Coming Down

KiDDO makes things charming, in the fullest vibe of the word. Self directed and created, the music video is KiDDO’s own visions of what her single ‘Coming Down’ symbolizes. Plus, it reveals her methods of grandeur and significance in delivering the kind of lyrical works that exemplify through the waves of positivity we feel. She encapsulates that distinction in full, as she continues her path with collaborations with artists like GASHI. KiDDO is that Scandinavian pop artist with no hesitations on her mind, and plenty of talent bullets to spare. She lets her work do the talking. The tradition continues.

DENNY – Woke Up In The Hills

Alexander Rollins, Randon Nelson and Sully makes up the brains behind this delectably distinct vision of ‘Woke Up In The Hills’. Disco, synth, future, trance, house – the indie pop offering is the silhouette of her voluptuous body, beckoning and desiring your touch. This single wants – nay – needs your auditory touch. It savors through vastness of angst and confusion, as the narrative digs out of the bedrock cemetery gloom of your thoughts. Alexander Rollins’ rousing but cautiously sultry vocals, heighten every step of living on that edge of your own making. So, will you get up and fulfill her silken ask? Her emblazon gaze looks deep inside your soul. What will you ever do? DENNY is here to get you over – over that bridge of self incriminating doubt. Let’s live. DENNY wants you to get up and live, once more. Founded in 2015 the Minneapolis originating band keeps us keen.

Bronze Whale – Valley Yum

Aaron Jaques, and Benny Alley make BRONZE WHALE flow. In ‘Valley Yum’ the duo made the single happen over sessions from L.A. to Austin. The evening visions of the single is indicative and certain of the newest LP they offer. From waves of ambience and chill, the reliance of personal experiences and the decor guesses of the future, ride on the lyrical hymns of each song. The new LP is available now and has been released through their own label Magic Magic

Sirenety – Daisies

‘Daisies’ is carried by the heavy and mercurial affections indicative of a one-sided relationship. It’s slipping away. It’s been for a long time. Was it ever there? Maybe. Of love and hate, there’s always the gray middle where we live and let live. SIRENETY just makes it more bearable to live in the limbo of reality. Haunting visage encapsulates the East London artist, as shadows of our selves scurry past the midnight junctures of the here and never. ‘Daisies’ follows on the debut EP ‘Matsuko’ and her single ‘Blue Lights’. Soft and ethereal, the voice of SIRENETY carries miles of hope and dreams, stunted in only heartfelt longings for the past and for what it should have been. When it’s to hard, we can take a moment with SIRENETY and her sirens of acceptance. Let’s.


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