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Phantom Planet – Party Animal

“Once, I found myself walking on a deserted street in Brazil, dressed in a leopard print shirt and zebra striped pants,” said Alex Greenwald. “It was a hot day and I was sweating. A photographer for a fashion label was taking pictures of me. All of a sudden I heard words in my head – as if the sky had whispered them just to me – it said: “Remember you are part animal, part party animal” Since forming in 1994, Phantom Planet released four albums, Phantom Planet Is Missing, The Guest, which featured their breakthrough hit “California” (also the theme song for the TV series The O.C.), Phantom Planet, and Raise The Dead. “Tony has always been a big proponent of my song-writing and he’s probably one of the only people whose opinion I trust,” Greenwald stated. When the world gives you lemons, you cook up something more than just lemonade. You cook up something extraordinarily exciting and kick-ass. ‘Party Animal’ is of that spirit and the future that could be. Don’t be swindled into a corner of the Universe that doesn’t make you who YOU are. Let’s party.

Sandy Hsu – Woman

Melbourne-based artist Sandy Hsu releases Woman, the third and final single from her stunningly bold EP She Comes To Me In A Fever Dream out via Healthy Tapes. “The inspiration behind this track was ‘movement’. I wanted to create a piece that would undulate around the listeners head. To me, the voice is the most powerful instrument. I didn’t want to overcomplicate things, so it is a cappella. There is beauty in simplicity. I find harmonies and natural overtones that arise from group singing really pure and beautiful.” It is taken from Sandy Hsu’s upcoming EP She Comes To Me In A Fever Dream out via Healthy Tapes.

Tethra – Masochistic Healing

TETHRA stated: “The lyrical focus of the song is on the aspect of depression and despair. The song conveys the feelings and experiences of being in this state, but not understanding why they are stuck there. By the end of the song, the individual realizes that it was actually them that was responsible for putting themselves in the darkness they were facing. Which allows them to overcome it.” The absolute tight metal solos to the impinging fire of the vocals, ‘Masochistic Healing’ needs no introduction. It hits you hard, but you won’t care, as you fly off into that far off sunset, emblazoned like the sun, in musical fire. The single is off their debut self titled album.

Lejonhjärta – I Try Alone

This is the new single by Swedish band Lejonhjärta. ‘I Try Alone’ is a mix of melancholy, darkness and strong melodies. Lejonhjärta means ‘Lion Hearts’ in Swedish and name is taken from the book by famous author Astrid Lindgren. Swedish Lejonhjärta started off as a band in 2015 and have released a few EPs and singles up to today. Made up of Henrik Stolpe, Henrik Wittgren, and Mazdak Sanati, they speak in the gray and the groove. With charms of 80’s vibin’ new-wave and sprinkles of black and blue industrial vibes, the band comes with a battering ram of idea and musical arts. The chill and the radical come together like the perfect food for your heart in ‘I Try Alone’.

S+C+A+R+R – White Lies

‘White Lies’ is something of the OG and of the future, smeared within the sights of impregnable insights of the virtuous. Musically, that is. The light and airy, playfulness of ‘White Lies’ is of the small hazards of love and relationship that can overwhelm without proper maintenance. It’s more than house. It’s more than synth-pop. It’s a perfect blend of the aura of classic French bop that transfers and transcends into multiple genres to offer something new and poignant to the masses. No matter what sect of musical loyalty you prescribe to. Songs like ‘White Lies’ bend the rules and then defines them to a new encore of audible sheen and palpable fandom. The enigmatic artist started his journey by sending anonymous mixtapes over a sporadic six-month period to The Dø’s Dan Lévy, who produced S+C+A+R+R’s raw talent, enabling his vision to create disconcertingly uplifting electronica. Look for more from this talent. ‘White Lies’ is part of S+C+A+R+R’s retro-futurist ensemble for the double A-side debut with accompanying single, ‘What Do You Need?’


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