Pharmacy Keys ‘Take the Cake’ : A good time with good vibes, in good company

Pharmacy Keys

A no-frills, rust belt rock band drawing comparisons to The Breeders, Elliott Smith, Dinosaur Jr, Spoon, Failure, and T. Rex. Cleveland, Ohio’s Pharmacy Keys formed in 2017 around the talents of Dave Moran, Justin Waite, Jeremy Newton-Smith, and Nathan Thompson.

‘Conjuress’, the band’s debut album, is a collection of dynamic songs laced with vintage guitar tone and melodic vocal hooks. These four lifelong friends have been playing in various projects over the years and have hit their stride with Pharmacy Keys, writing their most mature and exciting music to date.

The charm is in the strums of guitar and metro vibes of the Pharmacy Keys. A delightfully reminiscent decadence of nostalgia, brims with enthusiasm in ‘Take the Cake’, and it’s fully satisfying to the core.

A good time with good vibes, in good company – that is what the band has to offer and you should get yourself some.

‘Conjuress’ is available and promises to guarantee in offering a little something for everyone.


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