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Phern – Pebble

The question: “Why. Why? Why do this kind of music exist!” The answer: Phern’s Pebble is the exact kind of music one needs, if that kind of question pops up in the brain. It’s an anti-anti kind of music. It’s a tragic commentary. It’s glorious.

“Think about it”, she asked.

She told him to do so, so he quietly thought of something to think about.

“It’s the altruistic aspect. Not of others, as the word ‘altruism’ is defined, but spin it – it’s about looking at yourself – from the outside”.

Dwayne didn’t know what she was getting at. Was she questioning his man-hood? Was she damning him being a ‘dick’? Was she just making a statement about his choices in clothing? Was SHE being rude and just being a ‘dick’ to him?

He was confused. He was making himself, confused. The confusion, was just harrowing.

“Turn it around. See it from the other side. See it from another angle”, she said as she looked at his eyeballs.

“It’s your way of defining, by un-defining yourself.”

Dwayne, started watching TV- with Doritos in hand.

Phern is one of those awesome Quebec/Montreal offerings that we love. We love Montreal for being a small-ish city, but with such good crops of good bands.

And yes, very weird bands,at that.

We dig that. You should too.

Phern is rep’ed by Fixture Records in Montreal. Check ’em out!



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