Phil Dyer ‘Practice What You Preach’ : The high quality axe attack will save the day.

Phil Dyer

It’s a rarity that on CHF we feature a pure instrumental piece. But when you hear Phil Dyer’s production of ‘Practice What You Preach’, the Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani, the velour grips you to listen and vibe in the best traditions of such melodic and guitar driven offering. Its inherent traditional song structure, talks to your senses and delivers a powerful anthemic adoration for classic excitement and voluptuous grit.

“This is my 1st solo release after 15 years as a session musician,” said Phil. “This track is my mantra, ‘Practice What You Preach’ as musicians its easy to get complacent and lose sight of why we started playing in the first place. Sometimes we get so caught up in everything else around the music trying to make it perfect that we forget to just play and create. So I wrote a song that was technically demanding and pushed me to be better, now i have no excuse to not practice as I need to make this perfect every time I play it.

From the past comes our future. Phil’s desire to expand and explode into new territories, define what we as humans should always strive for. Without the seemingly the unknown, there’s nothing that will put the spice into your world.

From tight arrangements to corner-in-corner construction, the high quality axe attack of Phil Dyer, will save the day.


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