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Phil Hayes & The Trees Shares ‘Anything Everything’. “What a treat.”

PHIL HAYES & THE TREES is a treat. No matter how you look at what they bring to a song, delightful smiles always follow.

And it’s no different this time with ‘Anything Everything’.

Consisting of Phil Hayes, Sara Palin, and Martin Prader, the trio of artists make conclusions of sounds as decadent and pervasively relevant. On each travel via their singles, the relative belonging of self and the relationship with the external environments, caustically and deliberately, strip away some of the non-essentials to ‘man-up’ to the realities that confuses us, in this world.

‘Anything Everything’ is the first track from their new EP.

Fresh, rockin’, odd, invigorating, the new single does justice to what makes PH&TT has become for many.

The Zurich based band keeps an open arm to new and rebellious sounds.

Simple as that.

“Just get in the car! Get in the car!”

Oh by the by, the enviable beauty of Phil and Sara’s lyrical conversations are to die for.

A treat, fo’ sho’.



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