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Phil Madeley – Same Skies

Combining a distinctive fusion of originality and homage, 23-year-old Phil Madeley’s music is born of equal parts disdain and anger for the current state of play. Wrapped up in his laid-back, grit-edged soft rock, are pressing and serious issues of present-day alienation, loneliness and mistrust. With the ability to carry a refined maturity, as well as charming throwaway youthful aphorisms, his voice serves as the perfect vehicle for such reflections. The London based artist distinguishes himself from head to toe, in terms, in which he radiates with emblematic excellence and undoubted vision for his music. Phil stated: ““Same Skies is about losing a sense of understanding in ones standing, whether that be in relationships, or politics for example. It’s about the suffering that’s caused when trying to find a middle ground in a climate of division. It’s coming from the other side fueled by insecurity to question how hopeless it is to try and make the other person see it my way, but obviously there’s more similarities in us than there are credible points for division.” See him next @ Rye Wax, London on October 29th.

Von Thrasher – Russian Hill

Off of his latest EP, ‘Premium Delirium’, comes ‘Russian Hill’. Von Thrasher is the project of Blake Knutson. “‘Russian Hill’ is what I’d sing to myself when I was biking around San Francisco from job to job. I was feeling tired and worn out, and out of place in a city dominated by the tech industry.” The recent UC Berkeley graduate is as sentimental about his being on this earth as any honest and talented musician can be. He looks at his past, he looks at his future, but most importantly, he appreciates the moments that he’s in right now and delivers those feelings and emotions to an outlet like his songs. The singing of a song, humming along, from one job to another job, isn’t something everyone takes into account. Blake notes it like it’s the most important phenomenon he’s ever laid his eyes on. Then writes a song about it. The banal is where Blake lives, and he’s happy to take note in his little notebook of verses and poetry and nicknacks of personal thoughts. Guess that’s why ‘Russian Hill’ hits the perfect tone for ears Blake has never met before. Gift? Maybe.

E^ST – Talk Deep

Australian singer/songwriter E^ST makes her triumphant return with her upbeat and playful new tune, Talk Deep. Premiered by triple j earlier in the week, ‘Talk Deep’ sees E^ST (Mel Bester) reunite with long-time collaborator Jim Eliot (Halsey, Ellie Goulding) and is officially the first taste from her highly anticipated debut album ‘I’m Doing It’ due 2020. E^ST said “‘Talk Deep’ is about having crazy chemistry with someone and not wanting to miss out on a single second of it… Who needs sleep anyway?” Pull down the shades and pull down your hair, for it’s about you and the partner of your dreams. The happy-go-lucky, serious as a heart-attack artist, rounds out once more her unique tastes with pleasures in sonic alt-pop excellence, with the characteristic attitude that just lights a fire under listening hearts. You tell yourself, “Yea! I do want to talk all night!” Then you clam up and think, “Wait! Of course, if you mean getting to know each other in more meaningful ways, I’m down too!” OMG. Relationships. Sheesh! E^ST tells it like it is, in the grandeur of one plus one, and emotions that confuses. Oh, what fun, indeed.

Club 8 – Så Underbart Va Livet

Swedish duo Club 8 released their first new material in over a year. “Så Underbart Va Livet” can seem overwhelmingly sad and peacefully happy at the same time.
Club 8 formed in the small town of Åhus in 1995 and released their debut album ‘Nouvelle’ on the Spanish label Siesta the year after. Their last album was ‘Golden Island’ (2018), and with ‘Så Underbart Va Livet’, the duo forms a continuum of relationships, where torn apart versions of yourself, falls through the cracks of life. But still breathing and able to cope, the duo of Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård, bring new angles to precipices that exist and do not. The combination of the two artists, with indefinite talents for compelling construction and rhythmic revelry, delivers with a supple touch of the old passing into the new fold of the future.

BUHU – Big Falls

We first gotten to know the duo named BUHU (Jeremy Rogers and Tiffany Paciga) mid last year. And the atmospheric production of the duo contains personal passages of experience, and cosmic vibes, to thicken our immersion and affinity to the music. And it works. The Austin, Texas based partners (of music and life), delivers with tingly notations and possibilities for what life has for us. The good, the bad, and the ugly are part of that exact life. BUHU, just makes aromatic songs to cope with it all. Jeremy said: “Writing music has become a ritual I use to analyze my existence and better myself. I am consistently concerned with opening up my life and exploring the depths (and shallows) of my being. Music has provided me a needed outlet to be vulnerable about my faults, dreams and feelings. I am thankful for finding my voice. I am thankful for my passion in creating and I am thankful for my openness to evolution of process. Through it, I have found my providence. The resulting compositions of which celebrate my loves, losses, excavations and observations of the natural. I don’t expect my songs to have popular effect or to be celebrated, but I release them to all who will listen, and I am profoundly moved by anyone who finds value in my music.” Beautiful stuff. Kudos.


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