Phill Reynolds ‘They Call Him Rocknroll’ : Done. And done. Enjoy this romp and story.

Phill Reynolds

From the hills and valleys of latest LP ‘A Sudden Nowhere’, a prudence of intelligence and loving humanism, blossom into gradients with phill Reynolds’ story telling. ‘They Call Him Rocknroll’ is a voice-and-guitar murder tale.

“I challenged myself trying to depict the disastrous failure of an American family as if Philip Roth wrote a song to be performed by Pete Seeger or Phill Ochs” said Phill Reynolds. The song is included in the upcoming new album “A Sudden Nowhere” that will be released on January 12th.

Since 2011 he brings his bluesy roots and his desert voice all around Europe and the US singing about love and despair, rage and hope, shades and lights on the wings of a sharp fingerstyle technique. In over 400 concerts, he got to share the stage with Eric Andersen, Sigur Ros, Timber Timbre, John García, Blonde Redhead, Daniel Norgren, Scott Kelly, Micah P Hinson and more.

Phill Reynolds is a project of Silva Cantele. A modern folk one man band, that carries a big attribution for authenticity.

Done. And done.

Enjoy this romp of ‘They Call Him Rocknroll’.


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