Philly Billy ‘Falling from Grace’ : Scandinavian pop and a US pop RnB vocal.

Philly Billy

Philly Billy is a Norwegian multiplatinum producer and artist. One of only a few Norwegians to have been on Billboard as an artist with his group KDL and Fetty Wap. He has worked with international artists such as Fetty Wap, Nico & Vinz, Madcon, Lene Marlin, IV Jay, Lisa Miskovsky and many others.

‘Falling from Grace’ was written by Tiyon Christian (Bieber, Lovato) and Berent Philip Moe aka. Philly Billy (Fetty Wap, KDL, Madcon, Hayes) at legendary Downtown studio. It’s mix of Scandinavian pop and a US pop RnB vocal. Inspired by The Weeknd and Drake sounds with a modern 80ies flare this track will work great for pop and urban playlists all over the world.


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