phobia quartet ‘1995’ : Blood veins of this charm.. and affection.

phobia quartet

With the 90’s and the early 00’s on their minds, the trio makes it so nostalgic with ‘1995’. The burgeoning pace and shimmering indie vibes course through the blood veins of this charming and rather affectionate single.

“This song is about escapism from modern society,” said phobia quartet. “It romanticizes the 90s in a way. A lot of times social media and the fact that the internet is so prevalent, can put unnecessary strains on relationships and life in general. I wanted to imagine if you went back to the 90s, if your relationship might be different, less complicated – some diner coffee and cigarettes, some cassettes spewed all over the floor and you drive around together without all the technology of today creeping into our lives.”

This power pop infection, stands the test of time, as it riddles shots of effervescent energy and innocence into a world of music that has evolved. And with phobia quartet’s own style and charm, they’ve gallantly predicts the coming and impending joys by this retro-goodness about a feeling and about a decade embedded in your mind.

The band creates guitar-driven indie rock, and released their debut EP, ‘Disappear Again’ in August 2019.

Phobia Quartet, hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL, is comprised of Jason Ferra (guitar, bass, synth), Alex White (drums), and Adam Hood (vocals, guitar).


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