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phobia quartet Shares ‘We Could Do That Though’.

Shoegaze dream-pop trio, phobia quartet, gives it their dang-dest in their single ‘We Could Do That Though’. To be honest, they hit it out of the park pond on this, charming and warm, counter-intuitive single.

The band stated: “This is a track that was inspired by how a relationship made you feel in your adolescent years…This song is really about finding that one person that makes you feel like you’re finding out what love is again – taking you back to a time of innocence in a world that’s been tainted in every way possible and helping you to forget temporarily.”

Because love IS ‘counter-intuitive’ at times.

Frustrating when you don’t have it.

Confusing when you have it.

Neglectful towards it when you shouldn’t.

Hurtful, when you gave it all.

Jason Ferra, Adam Hood, and Alex White delivers that exact euphoria in this single, pandering to the notions of unwanted glimpses; then just ever gingerly side-step away from the crisis – the chaos – the inability of the Universe to just leave you alone. Love will always beckon again.

And we think in ‘We Could Do That Though’, we, as human beings, are asking to be hurt again.

But there’s no bliss without the disaster, right?

We’re doomed.

In any case, we think you should take a look-see at the Fort Lauderdale based trio, phobia quartet.

Don’t go it alone.



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