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Phogg Shares Another Fab Tune ‘Stupid Kid’. “Let it rock. Let it roll. Phogg style.”

Off of the fabulous and latest LP ‘Mofeto: Mashine Adamkosh’ (available now), the gang from Sweden does their psyche-rock (with tinge of prog & punk) that they do so well – again, and again, and again.

The quartet gets you so worked up that you get all poetic. We’d once said of them: “A mix of emotions, drown our senses, everyday of our lives. Waking up is what PHOGG wants us to do from this manic depressive assault to our demand for the ‘good’ and the ‘meaningful’. A glazed look of relevance, shadow our petulance, revealing nothing of what we can, but only slicing off the thick carcass that crust our desire to escape.”

The satisfaction factor and rating gets to an atmosphere high as you quake in the straight forward Swedish rock that sometimes morphs of the traditions of a Canadian kind. It’s a texture of colors that keeps you glue to the audio.

You dance. You glance. You touch. You smile. You sway.

You love.

‘Stupid Kid’ was inspired by Guy Picciotto from the legendary DC punk band Fugazi, and is a legend of its own making and direction. From the attacking and classic rock guitar work to the time changes, the staggered off-kilter arrangement is that book that you just can’t put down for a moment.

It’s the most engaging single yet from Phogg.

See them next @ Hus 7, Stockholm on October 16th.



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