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Pick Pocket Shares ‘It Started’. “How things work out, after growing up.”

PICK POCKET returns with ‘It Started’, with a sound that is inspired by Death Cab for Cutie, and Nada Surf. ‘It Started’ is a song of nostalgia and reminiscing about how things work out, after growing up.

“The song started as a study in nostalgia,” said Arcadio. “Thinking about fishing with my grandfather in Puerto Rico. From there it just got away from me and turned its attention to how we grow up after we’ve “grown up” and how letting go of the past is integral to that process.”

The celeritous decadence of memories past, merging with the notion of building a newer future, pot marks the avenues to that end with difficulties and mental challenges. In most cases in life, the biggest obstacle is yourself. There’s often nothing in your way, but just vapid imaginations.

Growing up is a concept that lives in that realm. It’s a learning curve that peaks and sprouts at different intervals and in situations.

Maybe after all this, we just don’t want to grow up, all the way through.

Arcadio may be thinks, sometimes delaying the inevitable, is called for – a defining question to be answered, only by the individual who wields it.


The band consists of: Arcadio Rodriguez, Scott Stevens, and Aaron Merry.

Upcoming EP will be released September 13th.



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