Picture The Scene ‘Ceasefire’ : “I’m sorry I wasn’t there and that if they ever need me, I’m only a call away…”

Picture the Scene

Picture The Scene (led by Lewis Speirs) offers the third single ‘Ceasefire’. A followup to breakout singles ‘Get Out’ and ‘DIY’, ‘Ceasefire’ marks a sonic change for project. It shows the project is capable of trading out his signature rock style for a driving and hooky slice of indie pop.

Speirs said: “When starting this project, it was so important to me that I would not be pinned into one category! All of my favourite artists have such a diverse collection of sounds and that’s what makes them unique and great and so why not do the same by taking a new direction with ‘Ceasefire’? To me, ‘Ceasefire’ is a love letter to somebody I’m incredibly close to, to let them know that I’m sorry I wasn’t there and that if they ever need me, I’m only a call away, in a way dealing with my guilt and moving forward to help rebuild that relationship. I think that comes across in the song both sonically and lyrically to create this really uplifting feel in the track, almost like a release of energy that’s been pent up for quite a while before writing the song!”

‘Ceasefire’ is part of the upcoming debut EP out in October.

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You’ve made a kid who dreamt (and still dreams) of releasing music he loves out to the whole world very very happy today ⚡️🤯⚡️ I can’t say this enough but THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, for all of you who’ve taken the time to check out my art and choose to support me because of it, it feels so elating and humbling and I will NEVER stop being grateful for it!!! 🖤 I’m so proud of what we’ve built and achieved in the space of 3 months (wow it was actually that long ago that Get Out popped up) and I am so humbled by the response in less than 24hrs, literally doubling all of the expectations I had! 😱😱😱 So let’s keep going, let’s smash this together this week and play the shit out of Ceasefire, scream it from the rooftops like it’s your own personal anthem, because that’s exactly what it is, and I promise when gigs do come back, we will laugh and cry as I tear the damn roof off… – L 🖤

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