Picture This ‘Troublemaker’ : Loving and respecting the one who loves you and supports you, through thick and thin.

Picture This

In that quintessential ‘my ol’ lady’ song, it keeps that vibe of loving and respecting the one who loves you and supports you, through thick and thin. It’s a love story that is more in line with reality, and something that most of us will die to have in our own lives. ‘Troublemaker’ is your desire for that exact beauty of life.

Picture This lead vocalist, Ryan Hennessy said of the song: “‘Troublemaker’ is a song about a love that seems doomed and volatile, but has so much spark and excitement that you just can’t seem to let it go. It’s a battle between two lovers who are both full of attitude and cockiness, love and life, and it’s an explosive combination – but it just feels so good. It’s about a girl that got me into so much trouble, but it was trouble that we could call our own, and in a twisted way it made our bond stronger. It’s a sexy unpredictability. This one is for the troublemakers, the free spirits, the impulsive souls, and the outright lovers!”


Ireland’s hot export, Picture This arrived as a phenomenon with their self-titled 2017 full-length debut. Then went on to bring certified triple-platinum in Ireland, which it held the #1 spot Overall in the country for four weeks, while topping the Streaming Chart for seven weeks.

Word x 2.

‘Troublemaker’ is just fun, because it’s conundrum that is realz.

Let’s dance, and celebrate the things that make us go crazy, but fall in love at the same time.

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Cheers to the weekend 🙌🏼

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