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Pikelet // Teddy and The Love Gang // Connie Danger // Kyle Sturrock // Jake Wesley Rogers

Pikelet – Plovers

Melbourne, Australia based PIKELET delivers. What of, you may ask? They deliver pop music that is sticky, intriguing, rapturous, experimental, psychedelic, reflective, conceptual, and just purely enjoyable. What an experience ‘Plovers’ really is. The project of Evelyn Ida Morris (co-founder of LISTEN organization and identifies as non-binary) the song invites you to a realm of possibilities and then some. This is the last time an album will be produced under the PIKELET moniker. It will live on under the new EVELYN IDA MORRIS umbrella, from now on. Keep on with Evelyn and their beautiful peculiarity and honesty. The new album ‘Goodbye’ will drop March 18th.

Teddy and The Love Gang – Gonna Leave It

‘Gonna Leave It’ is a movie. It is that cinematic revel, that you wanted. It is a music video that you’d dreamt of. The delicious tune is from TEDDY AND THE LOVE GANG, and within its neon tones, lies the best in traditions like it did in the first album of MUSE. There is a difference of aesthetics (primarily as this isn’t a hard-rock presentation), but this pop tune is as succulent and delectable as the ‘essence’ of that ‘Absolution’ LP (albeit in more pop form). With a chorus that is to die for, it drapes over your landscape of truth and popularity – mind and soul. Also, inject some art-pop elements in the single’s digital forays, and it’s over. You’ve become a fan. Listen to their current and previous singles and you’ll know what we mean. The Oslo Norway based band will leave you wanting more.

Connie Danger – I Wanna Go Home

“I used to be immortal when in the elbow you lent me..” CONNIE DANGER is part of that corner of this Universe where you’re shielded from the plights and stresses of the world. On ‘I Wanna Go Home’ CONNIE DANGER explained: “Disillusioned by the flatness of young adult life, our narrator longs for those younger days when his future seemed ripe with fantastic possibility.” On their single ‘Finally’ we’d called their work “sensuality you never knew you had in you. Now you know.” And it’s true as it was then, and as it is now with ‘I Wanna Go Home’. The shoegazy delivery with pop angst is all over this fabulousness, as you lull in to the storyline of the protagonist. The world certainly has lots of possibilities. But disillusionment never really goes away fully, does it? We coexist with other humans. We also coexist with the contrasts of our deeply naive emotions.

Kyle Sturrock – We Caught Fire

If you need inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. KYLE STURROCK’s single ‘We Caught Fire’ is that exact fuel you needed for the day to come. The single is of love and for love. The intimacy and the hectic beauty of falling in love is expressed with energy and classic country enthusiasm. Off of the upcoming 7 song EP, Kyle’s compelling and crystal vocals makes the journey a shimmering delight. Kyle moved to Nashville and with is knack for bridging pop, country, and Americana, his lyrics shine and compel, for all of us to enjoy.

Jake Wesley Rogers – Jacob From the Bible

JAKE WESLEY ROGERS soars, in ‘Jacob From the Bible’. The world-beating music of JWR impacts your heart, even as the world around you seems to be falling apart. It inspires and commands you to take a better look at yourself, and what you’ve become. A coming-of-age single, it dips into self-realizations in doubt, strength, apathy, denial, and the certitude in being just human. “This song ended up being about reckoning with my humanness and indiscretions,” Jake stated. “It’s also about starting my music journey so young, hiding my identity/sexuality, and once – a very long time ago – having a secret boyfriend named Jacob”. Might, comes from within. And there’s nothing more mighty, than embracing the changes that have befallen. You must pick up the broken glass – accept what’s in front of you – then take action. Step by step, JAKE WESLEY ROGERS’ songs make the world a better place to live for us, and for all.


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