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Pikes // Mouth Water // Color Theory // Stevie Wolf // Baja Boy

Pikes – Honey Wasp

“‘Honey Wasp’ is in many ways a song about jealousy,” said Pikes. “I can feel envy towards people who are in better contact with their feelings than I am. Unfortunately, sometimes there is still a small voice from my childhood within me that tells me that It’s wrong to dare to show myself weak, talk about my shortcomings and show myself vulnerable. I think this is a problem that many people can relate to, especially straight men since that’s the group of people still most influenced by the ‘macho’ culture. The dreamy synth pop / prog pop from Sweden, digs deep into our daily lives wit his works. ‘Honey Wasp’ is a deliberate assault on our hearts, with a dynamic chorus that hits with a rat-ta-tat of a machine gun. The song can mow us down in bullets upon bullets of pure pop-ness anytime. Now. It’s your turn to dig.

Mouth Water – Intoxicated

“Originally inspired by Calvin Harris’ ‘Acceptable in the 80’s’, the end result is rather different. On New Years Eve 2013 I went to LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach for his DJ set and I gave him a USB stick containing the song and my email address. He took it, looked at it, but never wrote back. In 2018 I went to Gianni Bini’s studio to update and improve it. What you hear is the product of those sessions.” DJ Elle Vegas and Lawrence Fancelli are the vibes behind the music. The duo met at a piano concert in a hotel in Milan at the end of 2017 and didn’t stop collaborating until their self-titled 10 song album. Dance and pop; rock and synth, meet up to play some goodness on the album. Word.

Color Theory – Shatterproof

He tries his connection with unique rhythms reminiscent of Depeche Mode, but retains the kind of effervescence, apparent. Subtle and comforting. And that thread of masculine empathy, a feeling that constitutes a madness for the gentile and the understated, lives in the notes of his project – delicate vocals, with organic digitization. Off of the ‘Lucky Ego’ album, the inevitable vibes of classic pop construction and ambience, thrive under the keyed fingers of Color Theory.

Stevie Wolf – Just the rain

Stevie Wolf has spent a substantial percentage of his life as a depressed person right now,” said Stevie of his not so departing persona. “He’s been feeling great, but i’m sure that at some point in the future, he’s going to be depressed again. I wrote this song as a message of hope from present-day ‘Stevie to future Stevie’, just to say “‘don’t worry buddy we can make it through’. Colorado originating artist has a knack for vibes, and cementing allegories of the remaining sunshine on a darkening afternoon. But as time goes on and worries always become the detriment to well-being, Stevie, coaxes his inner desires, to get through this next second – next minute – next hour – the next impending doom. A life that is lived, just doesn’t feel like living any longer. Stevie’s beautiful vocals, both expressive and heartily tragic, imbues a reciprocative beauty that is dark, sullen, and most importantly, energetic. Reverse psychology to the max, and it’s empathetically gorgeous. Honesty oozes from ‘Just The Rain’, where the message hits home to many of us. We’re betting, that it does for you as well. Look for more from Stevie.

Baja Boy – Crack It Open

Baja Boy wants you to feelz. In a very funky and nostalgic way. “Crack it open is a song about having false feelings for someone or thinking someone you thought you knew, wasn’t who you thought they where and you’re slowly finding out they aren’t the one.” Christian Taylor is Baja Boy, and he has a mission. Only 15 when his first release hit, the talented individual with an exasperatingly chill coolness, delivers in ‘Crack It Open’ with effective charm and nonchalance. A walk and skip over the pavement of this life, is better when ‘Crack It Open’ happens to your feet – and heart. Swirling and bubbling, Baja Boy is a democratizing sound experience. Let’s roll, yo. See Baja Boy next @ The Vera Project, Seattle, November 14th.


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