Pillow Queens ‘Handsome Wife’ (Video) : ‘Touch’ someone you love, in a more profound and emotional way.

Pillow Queens

You just need an anthem of such quality as presented by Pillow Queens’ single ‘handsome Wife’. A life not examined, isn’t worth looking back on. Faults and highlight, all accumulate to form an enveloping push to embrace what had and will be done.

Irish band Pillow Queens were featured in US press by The FADER and Paste, even performing live for KEXP; as well as being spotlighted by NPR. Through the course of two quick EP releases the band had supported the likes of Pussy Riot, IDLES and Future Islands.

Fast forward to the here and now.

The band’s debut album with brand-new single ‘Handsome Wife’, which Clash described as “torn ‘n’ tattered indie rock – an electrifying signal of what’s to come.” It’s a song about togetherness, the video for which they’ve created in isolation, and focuses on the simplest of human interactions – touch.

Pillow Queens are a firm part of Dublin’s socially conscious underground arts scene, among street artists, fashion designers, musicians and film makers, and prominently champion queer and marginalized groups within the arts.

It all starts with empathy. It continues with dedication. It ends with respect.

‘Touch’ someone you love, in a more profound and emotional way.


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