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Pin Ups – Lazy

Joshua Gibbs, Jesse Baker, and Louis Baker make up this exciting trio of power indie, Pin Ups. ‘Lazy’ sees Pin Ups at their most ambitious, ditching the ‘3-and-a-half minute radio song’ template for an 8-and-a-half minute sonic adventure. After a chance phone call with a friend-of-a-friend brought brothers Jesse and Louis Baker together with Joshua Gibbs, the foundations for Pin Ups’ idiosyncratic sound was set. Norfolk countryside and London originating members, crush out some crazy good rhythms and prog-psyche rock goodness in this single. The bone crunching guitar solo, makes it all worth the price of admission, as the trio delivers with succulent RUSH-esque/Stone Roses-esque enthrallment and prowess. Combining infectious groove with soaring guitars and mind bending synths, all to come crashing down again as the outro takes the song full circle back to its dreamy beginning. Breaking the rigid structure of the ‘pop song’ has allowed Pin Ups to fully express their ambitious nature, producing a piece that not only sticks in your head for days, but immerses it into a whole new world. See this fab combination of audible goodness next @ The Waterfront Norwich, Norfolk UK, November 4th.

scooped up! – TV Dinner

If you think about it, whether girl or guy, we’d had secret inner thoughts and statements of such curiosity, at some point in our lives. As depicted in ‘TV Dinner’ by scooped up!, the single talks to us in that best innocence that we can muster. It’s natural. It’s how it goes. It’s our chemicals surging and sometimes driving us to such. This Milford, Connecticut based post-punk/pop-punk unit, comes from the philosophy of being honest and truthful, telling the stories that matter to them and their fans. Fast paced, and rightly delivered, the fresh vibes take the trio on a different level than many of their genre contemporaries. ‘TV Dinner’ is off of their latest EP, ‘Hi-Tri [Sample]’. They wanna be your true friend. Shall we?

ARCHE – Back to the Sun

Dream-pop brigade, ARCHE, marches to a beat of a thousand suns. The shimmer just cascades off of their vibe, their aura, their vocals, their harmonization, their attitudes. It’s all about caring, but not really showing you’re sweating. ARCHE does that like it’s nobody’s business and does it so well. These kiddos who seem to come directly out of the nineties built their universe through a weirdo aesthetic with a baseline composed by colorful gym suit, mismatched outfits and all kinds of vintage object. Plunge into the colorful Arche’s universe where the carelessness borders the insolence. The ease of reflection is built into dream-pop, and when a band like ARCHE continues with a fresh look at the goodness of such musical styles, you need to look deep. See the band next @ 1999, Paris on November 6th.

Sundaes – Boyfriend

The folk-rock based band bleeds over to synth and experimental side of music making, with ease while with the kind of purpose for construction that is endearing and exciting. The band made their performance debut in the spring of 2015 with a set of two sold out shows at the Chelsea Hotel Storefront Gallery in New York. Fall 2015 the song “Walk My Street” appeared in the soundtrack of Best Picture Winner Spotlight. Sundaes’ self-titled debut EP was released July 2017. “Pretty Wife” Sundaes first single of 2018. Sundaes’ newest single ‘Boyfriend’ represents a return to acoustic roots for singer/songwriter Max Nunes. The stripped down arrangement is made up of jangly, clean electric guitar and touches of mellow organ.

Victoria Victoria – Magic

Tori Elliot, the heart and mind of the project, sings in that standards vibe which soaks so effortlessly into our breadth of emotions. Happiness and sorrows, mingle with friendly terms of endearment, as Tori’s beautiful and LA LA LAND-esque majesty of sentiments, spill out with winding road appeal. A world where we’d like to be lost. A world where we’d like to be rescued. A congregation of shivers stride down your neck and back, as Tori’s honesty and salinity touches with a bang. Off of Victoria Victoria’s newest EP, ‘When To Talk, When To Pray’. Tori mustering up tremendous strength with the glossy, vibrant anthem called ‘Sanctuary’, while simultaneously setting aside the synth-pop sounds and baring it all with the piano ballad, ‘Magic’. ‘Magic’ (both the song and video) are about Tori’s relationship with music and how over the years the pursuit of fame and notoriety began to corrode the love she had for creating in the first place. “I’ve been making art for the sake of creating, and not to share with the world. With music, I often feel the pressure to ‘create well’ so that others around me will be impressed by what I’m making,” she said. “That pressure isn’t healthy, and honestly, doesn’t make for good art anyway.” Where will the future take Tori and her works? Even with all of the strife and heartaches, we think somewhere wonderful, indeed.

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