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PIN UPS Stirs It Up With Single ‘Lunchtime’. “The trio makes this a better day with their music.”

There was a band that was born as a band, and together they banded together, to make music do what they wanted. Stir up thought, memories, emotions – helping them as well as the audience, bubble up in private protest or celebration.

And when we listen to ‘Lunchtime’ we celebrate. We celebrate the 3 piece band consisting of brothers Jesse Baker, Louis baker, and Joshua Gibbs, our minds glow with the magnetic single, as it digs into a surreal subject of all concerned.

‘Lunchtime’ was inspired by Donald Trump’s comments on ‘arming teachers’ at schools throughout the United States in trying to ‘prevent school shootings’. As the President of the U.S. wished that this become a federal policy, the gang in PIN UPS pondered: “Well that’s messed up, ain’t it?” The band’s flavorful tact on current events is a tongue-in-cheek spanking of sensibilities and sometimes of real world consequences.

The light-hearted single judges none, but maybe all at the same time, bringing stout guitar antics, dipped in classic surf-rock post-punk riffs and an overall beat that makes you just want to go dance like you were early 2000’s.

Mixing genres, with spitfire instrumental nuances, the trio makes this a better day with their music.

Bold. Indeed.

‘Lunchtime’ was produced by Rory Attwell.



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