Pine Barons ‘Clique Bait’ : Synchronizes in valid apertures of hindsight and guitar driven azure.

Pine Barons

Off of LP ‘Mirage On The Meadow’ (out now), Pine Barons’ singularly happy and the eclectic, turns on with rainbow vibrance in ‘Clique Bait’.

The Philadelphia based band, consisting of talents Keith Abrams, Brad Pulley, Alex Beeb, James Tierney and Alex Held, deliver a vibe that is both effervescent and wholly inviting to your sense of love and affection.

Frontman and multi-instrumentalist, Keith Abrams “explore themes of the feeling that time is running out, longing for love and death’s inevitability” on the album.

The taste of balance, with traditions of The Strokes, KEANE and U2, ‘Clique Bait’ synchronizes in valid apertures of hindsight and guitar driven azure.


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