Pine Barons ‘Colette’ : Innovative use of notes and harmonies in quenching their fans’ needs.

Pine Barons

‘Colette’ is the first taste of Pine Barons’ upcoming sophomore album, ‘Mirage on the Meadow’, which will be released later this year (release date TBD).

Said Keith Abrams, lead songwriter + vocals/guitar/mellotron/synth of this project: “Looking back, ‘Colette’ feels like a response to the rest of the songs on the album. It wasn’t initially intended for this record, because it was written in a separate chapter of my life. But I think it was ultimately the missing link. Or like a bridge to something new and fresh for me. To me, it’s the most optimistic of all the songs on the record. I made the structure for ‘Colette’ by chopping up a voice memo of Brad and I playing an organ together at band practice.”

Keith continued: “‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is one of my favorite songs, sung by Fantine, the mother of the character Cosette in Les Miserables and during the era of writing this record, I had probably listened to it hundreds of times, sometimes on repeat for hours. Like I wanted it to fail to move me, just once. I think the record, as a whole, brings about themes of feeling like you’re running out of time, longing for love, and being afraid of death, but ‘Colette’ sort of feels free from these sorts of things, and is maybe more enlightened or something.”

The band’s debut LP, The Acchin Book (released in 2017), possessed a unique quality from the auxiliary instruments and recording techniques used; feathered paper dragged across paintings, field recordings in the woods at night, accordion, string arrangements and bowed guitars all contributing to the various moods and textures of the record.

With the upcoming new album, we won’t expect anything else but the same velvety administration of quirk and innovative use of notes and harmonies in quenching their fans’ needs.

Pin Barons is the aforementioned Keith Abrams, with members Brad Pulley (Guitar / Organ), Alex Beebe (Mellotron / Organ), James Tierney (Bass) and Alex Held (Drums).


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