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Pinegrove Shares ‘Phase’. “A friendly poke at the perspective of being in perspective.”

Formed in 2010 in Montclair, NJ by childhood friends Evan Stephens Hall and drummer Zack Levine, Pinegrove

Off of their upcoming new LP ‘Marigold’, will be the debut collaboration with Rough Trade.

“The album begins with a breath and ends with a shimmering exhalation,” the band estimated. And it sure does bring the kind of new and brilliance of light and the gray, within the whole of the song ‘Phase’.

The fabulously blended accumulations of country, indie and rock, jumps out at the focus of your listening pleasure. The gravity of the song, is always with you with the distinct edge marks of contrasts. But as it is Pinegrove’s trademark, the feathering of those edges are painted in levity and jest, a friendly poke at the perspective of being in perspective.

Complexity of writing is inherent in Pinegrove, and that trend doesn’t stop with ‘Phase’.

According to a statement by Stephens to Stereogum, he said: “The song ‘Phase’ is more or less about insomnia — trying to sleep but things racing in your mind… moving through anxieties & eventually, hopefully, into sleep.”

“This is a lifelong project,” Zack added, “We’re always thinking about how to be better humans and humanists. It’s about how to keep going, and to respond to the world as it is right now.”


See them in 2020 @ club congress, Tucson Arizona February 1st.



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