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Pinemoon // Derek Simpson // Valuemart // Seth Campbell // Liz Vice

Pinemoon – Sinister

PINEMOON’s debut single ‘Sinister’ is a contradiction in audible experiences. The venti-sized delight of dream-like shimmer, ingratiates with a tint of fervor that burns quite hot just under the surface. Listening to this single you get the sense of malleable attitudes, that gorge on the flesh of accepted attitudes and social constructs. The matrix of the here and now, cross distinct through various amalgamations of emotions, including love and hatred. The melancholic radicalism is tamped down in a blanket of new-wave like sirens that keep you in tune to its offering. Copenhagen based, PINEMOON will be dropping their debut album ‘Miracle’ come this autumn. The band consists of Steven Stern Steward and Christoffer Schultz.

Derek Simpson – Open Water

Talent? That’s DEREK SIMPSON. Traversing genres, with barely a care, Derek’s impetuously engrossing single ‘Open Water’ deepens and beckons a heart’s constraint to another. The Long Beach based alt-pop artist doesn’t apologize and as he lays down his tracks, he puts his heart and soul into each rail of note. In ‘Open Water’, the overall vibe of decadence and upbeat natures, envelope you in a ‘wink’ and ‘smile’ through sound waves. But tear open the top layer, and you hear a vast list of gray and matte color framing that is both wholesome and magnetically rad. Derek stated: “‘Open Water’ was inspired by how overwhelming the prospect of taking responsibility for your own happiness is. That freedom is a lovely thing to understand but before it becomes fully realized, the idea of owning up to your action and inaction is terrifying.” Derek represents what music could be, if we listeners are keen enough to pay attention. Underrated and much due for a big breakthrough, Derek’s defiance of subtlety and excitement just gets us all juiced. Looking forward to more.

Valuemart – Time’s Up feat. Shameface

VALUEMART is Tory Knowles. His is very unique unto himself. He is an animal on the prowl. He revives the under-floor darkness of music, reincorporating modern sensibilities, then making it his own. He can keep it to himself, but he decides to share it with all of us. And we’re so glad that is so. The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer offers up ‘Time’s Up featuring Shameface’ and it’s an 80’s dandy of a single, with nostalgia in punk crusted hooks and catchy rhythms. The song is a collaboration with Michael Salgado of Shameface.

Seth Campbell – Spend A Little Time

SETH CAMPBELL is a fabulous artist. And that is demonstrated with beautiful intent through his debut single ‘Spend A Little Time”. The song contains the sultry soft-rock goodness of bands like Air Supply, Bruce Hornsby, and Christopher Cross. And as the harmonies are sung, you are taken away to another place of happiness, contentment, of rejoicing hearts. On the mend, or on the way to recovery from a love that may not have ended up the way it could have been, the little humbleness expressed in this song is gathering and profoundly reminds you of the kind of music that can stir, and evoke tremendous amount of hope and positivity. The air seems to clear up as this single journeys through with gliding delight and unmitigated support for a love – maybe for your love. SETH CAMPBELL graduated from Berklee in 2017, and has been working hard to get to this point. The Boston based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has all the right components that just aligns so well. Look for great things from Seth.

Liz Vice – It Was Good

Fusion gospel, r&b/soul singer/songwriter LIZ VICE continues her road down that gloriously laid future of music. The funk is evident in ‘It Was Good’ as two different chapters of the story opens for interpretation. But Liz’s constancy of her full vocals gain fandom of every cell in your body. The past several years have been filled with Liz’s travel and live performances. And as it often does, the accolades had come with strength and consistency, which included OPB, NPR, Mountain Stage, eTown, NPR’s Weekend Edition, Relevant Magazine, and more. The Portland native, now residing in Brooklyn NY, she has successfully gained the kind of following that she’d dreamed of for a long time. And just like the change of pace in ‘It Was Good’, Liz is looking for even greater things in the latter half of 2019 and beyond. Liz added: “My new single “It Was Good” is a song about how things were in the beginning, before humans drew the line between good and evil and brought destruction, through self gain, to the world. What if we believed that everyone are created beings who have stories that could make the gap that divides a little smaller.”


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