Pink Kink – Munchie Magic

Pink Kink’s Munchie Magic is a hilarious exposition into the one thing that many of us think about, do, and repeat. You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. It’s a subject that has been, many time over, sung about and described. Dang. Writing about this song, makes us think about the ‘thing’ we’re talking about, and wanting to do it.. now.

Darn it.

Heck. It’s natural.

It’s accepted, by many.

It’s a glorious way to assure our mutual adherence towards one another.

Some would say this kind of song is “sophomoric, moronic, ridiculous”, and maybe even immature. But is it really?

And the song is fun!

Yes. Fun!

Check it. Imagine you’re at Pink Kink’s live shows. ‘Munchie Magic’ come one.

It’s loud, crass, and it’s raking your back making red fingernail marks.

You dance… more like mini moshing… but you dance!

And that’s what it’s all about sometimes.

Very simple.

We love the song. Because it makes us let go a bit of the ‘office seriousness’.

We love the song’s innuendos. Because, let’s be honest, we all do it.

We love the members. They’re like the ‘Spice Girls’ rekindled fashion, with the hip and dork-gaudiness of the B-52s and the musical aptitude of great musicians.

Anywho, they’re fab!

Take a swing at their other songs too. They’ll surprise ya.

Kudos Pink Kink, kudos.


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