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Pink Light Shares Single ‘Catharsis’. Take A Dip. You Might Like What You Feel.

The lazy summer of humdrum pouting, and glistening drips on the cheeks of her white-rose skin – lingers on the tip of the tongue, of lust, of grandeur, for her body, and for the survival of the melding psyches. Her passion in every movement of her genes, strikes at his heart – bleating and beating what wasn’t there to begin with. His love for her was unquenched, and he knew not when it could be. It was a gray world, where a zone of inconsequential thoughts, intermingled with perversions in self-loathing, and un-reciprocated algorithms.

He hastened to think that way.

He didn’t want to think that way.

It was his curse, now.

A bead of sweat carved a trail of salted regret, down his forehead, then ‘plop’ – it disintegrated into the abyss, of his black and blue heart.

The longing…oh, the longing.

Pink Light is a synth driven band which incorporates obvious 80’s elements to entertain the tickling ear drums in your head. The amnesty of ‘Catharsis’ for the oblivious, intrinsically drives a wedge between the purely superficial and the thought provoking.

It’s that ‘gray area’.

And we think your index finger should take a dip, and see how it feels.



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