Pink Skies ‘I’ll Be Here A While’ : It’s an opportunity to escape and get away for just a bit.

Pink Skies

From his fab debut LP ‘Spectra’, Pink Skies brings beauty in ‘I’ll Be Here A While’.

The psychedelic-pop solo project from Arieh Berl, the 9-track collection showcases Berl’s sonic growth from a bedroom producer to an emerging artist to watch in this next generation of indie music.

Arieh said: “I made the bulk of this album on a remote island. I would go on for days without seeing people or going outside. I was just smoking a ton of weed and drinking a ton and letting all my inhibitions slide on how anything should sound. I would stay up really late watching movies like 2001: Space Odyssey and Interstellar. I think because of that there is an underlying space theme within the music. I would record weird sounds, and turn them into weirder sounds, and went really deep into the production. Definitely felt like I was losing my marbles a bit. The sun didn’t come out once, it was raining the whole time. I was in a place at the time where everything in my life was changing. I felt really lost, and I think the album is about a journey to find something more, really exploring and leaning into how life is always changing and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

‘SPECTRA’ draws diverse influences from Tame Impala to Toro Y Moi and Flume to Travis Scott. The album is a psychedelic rock, pop, R&B, 70’s and chillwave mixture.

It’s an opportunity to escape and get away for just a bit. Take the world’s stresses and throw them against the civility of vibe you are capable of.

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