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Pinky Swear – Why do you like girls that hurt you?

Pinky Swear’s ‘Why Do You Like Girls That Hurt You?’ departs slightly from their past musical style, but maintains the voracity and attitude which sustains the song writing.

The song is different from the past EPs: ‘I Thought You Never Wanted To Be Strangers’ (2016) and ‘Only One Person Came to my Graduation Party’ (2015). We’re not saying how the rest of the songs (currently un-announced) will manifest themselves, but, what we have, is an interesting example of evolutionary steps, a band, like Pinky Swear goes through.

‘Why do you like girls that hurt you?’ seems, from the lyrical perspective, similar. However, the end presentation and the execution is definitely different.

It’s a more mature emotional call to arms.

It’s a shield, that is empathetic towards the other.

It’s about the self becoming sentient and provokes the conversation from one party to the other.

The protagonist CARES about the relationship; the emotional and bodily well-being of the other.

Giving it ANOTHER SHOT, as they say – in a non-snarky way.

Will it work? Will he/she accept the offering?

It’s uncertain.

From DIY / Surf-rock-ish presentation from their 2015 EP, to the current single is a transition, which is welcome. The singing and emotional enunciation towards the subject of the song is less ‘restricted’; less obstructive.

The good news was that we can hear the transition evidenced starting to creep in from the second EP ‘I Thought You Never Wanted To Be Strangers’. Her vocals are ‘free-er’, more ‘accepting’ of the subject, which makes for our accepting of her premise (and her storytelling).

The multiple layers have been filtered out in the latest offering. And we’re glad and happy for that.

‘Why do you like girls that hurt you?’ is a deep breath of fresh air (and our favorite).

It’s where (in our opinion) the band is strong.

It’s where the lyrics thrive.

It’s where Pinky Swear ‘lives’.




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