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PIZZAGIRL Shares ‘Highschool’. “Yea. I Know You. What Do You Want To Talk About?”

On this beautiful Spring day, I was excited. The night before I’d made up my mind to ask her out on a date. The hours of trepidation and angst the night before had made me a bit sleepy. But that was alright, I thought, for nothing was off-limits for the girl I wanted to date. My middle name was ‘sacrifice’. And for Medeline, I was ALL IN.

The day started off normal – breakfast, small chat with mom and brother, a bit of TV. Then it was bus time.

We’d go off to the corner of our street and waited for the yellow bus.

The hours between morning classes and lunch was a blur. I don’t think I’d concentrated for anything my teachers in History, Math, and French classes. I did apologize, silently, for I could have done better in engaging more. But they just didn’t know I had a big mission today, and I meant to follow through.

Lunch time was here. Seemed like it took a week, but it was here.

Once I got to the lunch room, I got in line for the day’s meals. Today was hot-dog day, so one on my corner of the plastic tray, then some orange juice, some fries, an apple pie, and an apple. Wasn’t too hungry, but if this mission fails, I was going to eat the apple later on in the corner.

In any case, I searched for Madeline. There she was, sitting with her 3 friends in the 3rd fold out table at the last row. She looked great as always. A natural ginger, her red hair just shimmered in the sun-lit lunch room. Loved that about her.

As I approached her table, I took a deep breath, and maybe closed my eyes for a second to centralize my karma.

“Be positive, Nick. Be positive,” I thought to myself.

Then, I was there. Standing in front of Madeline and her friends at their table.

I paused when they turned to look at me. I froze. Then I muttered, “Hi Madeline. Not sure if you know me, but wanted to see if we can have a chat. Want to talk to you about something.”

The wait was palpable. I felt some beginnings of some sweat building at the top half of my back.

“I know you. You’re Nick. Sure, what do you want to talk about?”

I was the happiest guy in the world.

PIZZAGIRL (Liam Brown) brings his 80’s antics back with the latest single ‘Highschool’. And to say the least, we’re into it, for sure. Just like a clip-on tie, the charm and satisfaction comes through from the single with flying colors. That’s ‘neon colors’ and with the shoulder-pad thickness measured to perfection.

It’s a good time.

His new EP ‘Season 2’ will drop in November, which should be a dandy.



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