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Plàsi Shares ‘Sorrow’. “Filling that void – just a little more.”

Questions in personal freedoms, are of constraint and malady, as voids of contentment is questioned and never filled. Favoritism to the satisfaction of such endeavors is common and hard to accomplish, at the same time. Complicated creatures we are.

Swedish Singer/Songwriter with Greek roots who is characterized by stripped productions based on acoustic guitars and meaningful words. Born in 1992 on the island of Crete to a Greek father but mainly raised in Sweden, where he moved with his mother by the age of four. After his studies in Stockholm, Milan, and Vienna his songwriting ignited and resulted in his first EP Now & Then.

‘Sorrow’ is a continuation of what Plàsi has set out for himself, as a folk artist and purveyor of such intense song writing. With glass shimmer like vocals, teaching in full faith of the altitudes of life’s misgivings and happiness – his songs reflect with warm toned glows, in the fight, to try and remind us of what it can be.

Off of the latest LP ‘Mystery’, he quenches our limitations, for another day’s fight and possibilities in filling that void – just a little more.

See Plàsi next @ Servant Jazz Quarters, November 27th, in London.



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