Plastic Cowboys ‘None Like You’ : Friendships, relationships, and intimacies were exposed for what they really were in this world.

Plastic Cowboys

Why does it take so much to convince her. Why does it take so much hardship to convince him. Why is it so difficult to convince this world of our love. Uniqueness is where we fall. Falling for the one seemingly insignificant trait of the one you love the most. That one thing that turns you head around and feel like you’re walking on clouds.

A song of positivity, Plastic Cowboys’ ‘None Like You’ is a big hug and support for the difficult times of our year twenty-twenty. Our thoughts of friendships, relationships, and intimacies were exposed for what they really were in this world. As we existed, the small and nuance of and for whom we love, changed in just a flicker of an eye.

The trio wants, through this song, remind us that we should look deeper. And soon enough, we’ll get to love as deep.

Said the band: “None Like You was written in the height of the first lockdown we were subjected to in Ireland due to Covid-19. Naturally, the walls were feeling tighter than I had ever felt before, and a lot of forced introspection followed. None Like You prepared itself as an answer to that introspection, as the message of the song conveys the highs and lows of being human. It is about riding those highs and lows rather than expecting one or the other. It is about learning and improving as an individual, with an emphasis on improving.”

The indie rock band based in Dublin, was formed in 2019, and with such nostalgic ambience in their musical ingredient, you can’t help but just sway for a bit.


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