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Plastic Fauna Shares ‘Fine Mess’. “Because We All Deserve Solace And Peace, After All.”

Boston based duo, PLASTIC FAUNA, presents gentle harmonies over guitars of promises and opportunities. Relying on nothing but the depth of lyrical emotions and unrequited loves, the band drives the point of decadent happiness, tendered by the ultimate disappointments that hangs at the balance. Life is a box of chocolate, and there are mines of sadness that explodes at a moment’s notice.

And PLASTIC FAUNA is there to record and add to that gloom.

Of reticent disapprovals.

Of unforgivable longings in self-doubt and harm.

Can there be any optimism from all this chaos?

The lyrics, although heavy with condensed radicals of emotion, the duo presents a possibility of healing and methods of ‘moving on’ from the footprint of pain. It is temporary and through their music, they tell you to ‘survive’ and thrive as the days go by.

Because we all deserve solace and peace, after all.



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