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Plastic Mermaids // Ali Horn // Kris Gruen // Warming // Podge

Plastic Mermaids – I Still Like Kelis

Describing their single ‘I Still Like Kelis’, Douglas Richards stated that the son was like: “Two people who used to hang out and now are in different places. In the lyrics of the second verse I sing “but in a microscopic way we’re tangled up eternally, I’ll spin the same as you” this is a reference to quantum entanglement a phenomenon where two particles are linked and move in the same way even though they’re on different sides of a room or universe even.” Off of their upcoming EP ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’, the gang in PLASTIC MERMAIDS exuberantly cast a wide rainbow of shimmer unto the relaxed atmosphere of the single. With only love exploding off of the music they have created, the band continues to mesmerize with pure joy and exultation for the little things in their lives and for ours. And wen the PLASTIC MERMAIDS express in such ways, there’s no wonder why people are attracted to their brand of music, in the first place. The Isle Of Wight originating band consists of Douglas Richards, Jamie Richards, Chris Jones, Tom Farren, and Chris Newnham.

Ali Horn – Modern Voodoo

Humans are confused sometimes. Too many distractions? Maybe. Enough that real love cannot bloom? Hardly. But with so much to consider, we lose the plot just for a bit or some. ALI HORN expanded: “Nowadays I think people (including myself) have forgotten what life is really about. We’re force-fed consumer fetichism and the full brightness glare of a phone screen has replaced real eye contact. We’re distracted by transient pleasures and it seems that climbing a social ladder where nobody has even met has become more important than family. I’m disgusted by it and I’m part of it.” Ali assures that there is a way out though. Oh my, oh my – we sure are glad. See Ali and his philosophies on life next on May 3rd & 5th at Liverpool SoundCity.

Kris Gruen – Body Divine

KRIS GRUEN’s single ‘Body Divine’ is a direct praise and wonder of the natural world. Presented in the traditional southern-rock ballad proposal, the indie perspective has an added edge of pop that is delicious to the last drop. The Vermont originating singer/songwriter traverses easily through multiple genres settling in the crux of Americana and the indelible stories that he is set to tell.

Warming – Wasting Time

Off of the upcoming new full length album, the single ‘Wasting Time’ keeps it real and snazzy, as the earthly tones of WARMING’s vocals drag you through a forest of solace and bouncy textures. No animals had been harmed during that process, but plenty of impressions were made during. WARMING said that: “Holy shit I as depressed when I wrote this song.” He continued: “This song is about anxiety, being single for the first time in 10 years and being afraid of putting yourself out there.” Indeed. But those years had precious times. Logically, the experience should bolster the new and exciting dating life once again. Out of practice and a bit rusty, it’s the comfort of that former partnership that gets you the most. It’s hard to start that engine again. Where is that engine block warmer when you need it?! Like Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem, WARMING helps you get through – where ever that may be.

Podge – Yuka-Peno

Modern day pop and psychedelic bedroom, rearranges their dynamics under the tutelage of PODGE YUKA. The synthesizer armed, DIY sensible Adam Charo wields lyrical works heavy as the most technocratic sledge hammer. Adam has stated that he’d been heavily influenced by Japanese pop culture, which has bled into the projections of what his songs portray, via emotions as joy, gray, and astonishingly furtive. With drips, opining throughout ‘Peno’ it cultivates your preamble thoughts and regurgitates it into a pallet of whimsy and dexterous fun for the whole family. It is a song of delicacy, with no short comings of origin nor pace. See PODGE at his festival debut at Liverpool Sound City on May 5th.


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