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PLASTIC MERMAIDS Returns With Single ‘1996’. “Apropos For Our Little Animal Minds And Hearts.”

Recluse. Loner. Geek. Odd-ball. He was the epitome of all those facets of human inclinations. He’d carved out a significant slice for himself, living in this world. The satisfaction of being in this very moment in time was where he’d always wanted to be.

Dinner at 7pm, with the TV on, while working on his nick-nacks was his life of luxury. He had no qualms with the outside world, and it, in his eyes, was never a hassle in reply. If the outside world never impeded his daily routines and habits, it was to be a golden era. It took him, 35 years to get to this place of harmony and tranquility. He deserved it to be so.

Than she showed up.

Effectively putting a wrench into the whole operation.

His mind turned to mush.

His emotions thawed.

And he didn’t know what to do with himself. For it was too late to go back. It was too late to return to the glorious past. A newer and different genesis was upon Reginald.

“Making the video was kind of fun but more often hilariously awkward, all of the shots where we were out in public were pretty hard work and we got a LOAD of dodgy looks. Also the robot was pretty uncomfortable to wear, and SUPER warm. There’s probably a bit of deeper meaning maybe to do with how we live in modern life but i’d like to remain kind of vague on that and let people make up their own minds. “

It’s been 2 years since PLASTIC MERMAIDS came out with a new record. Here they return with a beautiful ensemble of clackity clack mind-numbing rendition to the frenetic self-indulging egos of our social lives today – in the form of ‘1996’.

The gentle foam of ‘one story’ – a story of one man or woman, who is seduced. Not because, of not wanting, but out of desperation to see and feel, and live again. Even if it’s with a man made object.

How quaint, right?

But so often apropos for our little animal minds and hearts.

The obvious lack of restraint in some of our human behaviors are understandably limiting. However, we’re just human beings. And as limited as we are, we are, if we can springboard off of ‘1996’, fascinating and at the same time, beautiful.

No matter where we sit in the living room of life.

The Isle Of Wight 5 piece band will be announcing Live dates soon.



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