Playoffs ‘Hey!’ : Hankering vibes, relieve you in that nostalgic sum.


Playoffs delivers the vibrant in-kilter chords, with classic glam rock buzz, where you know where you belong. It’s the house party at your friend’s. It’s the bar night out in college.

Playoffs knows you.

“The song is inspired by playing Mario Kart,” said Playoffs. “Some working titles were Waluigi and Ready, Set, Go. It was written without much thought so I feel like it should be enjoyed the same way. Sometimes we just need to have fun for a couple of minutes. Also this song has since gotten me into The Ramones when the engineer pointed out the similarities in this session. They have recently been a big influence for me.”

Fun stuff, indeed.

Let rock take its toll, as this little anthem for the hankering vibes, relieve you in that nostalgic sum.

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