Playoffs ‘Talking to Me’ : And it fits like a glove.

Playoffs / Photo: Andrew Luma

“It’s a song about the casual conversations you have in your head. It comes in a 4-chord pop/punk style song package with a Thin Lizzy solo.”

When you’re in. You’re in. That’s where Playoffs feel that where this project is all about. A solo thrust of notions, the initiative is part experiment and attitude. Playoffs delivers the vibrant in-kilter chords, with classic glam rock buzz, where you know where you belong. It’s the house party at your friend’s. It’s the bar night out in college.

It’s the night out with your daughters. It’s the love that you share with the world. A cleansing vibe of guitar driven push from Playoffs, impresses as he’d planned. ‘Talking to me’ is a pace right out of the old play-book. And it fits like a glove.

You want more.



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